Fashion and Italian luxury furniture have lots in common because designers use the same distinctive styles when creating them.


Our Italian manufacturing partners have the proper sense of living and have beautiful classic styled collections for furnishing your home in to a gorgeous dream castle. Whether your are looking for a stylish bedroom, or magnificent office to showoff your library, or a casual and comfortable living space - we have the selection for your perfect room. Remember, you don't have to be a Queen or King to live like one because we have the proper furnishings to make you look and feel like them.

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We have the latest trendy furnishing collections that can please anybody’s taste for something new and unique for their home. They offer a sophisticated style with a modern design that can capture timeless beauty made out of wood or latest hi-tech materials. The modern Italian collections are created for functional and beautiful lifestyle that give emotion to dining tables, chairs, bookcases, beds, sideboards, TV Units and other complements. Your imagination is the only limit!

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If you like classicism in furniture that is re-interpreted through a modern design, we have you covered. This unique style has plenty of ornaments and carvings that are paired with refined geometric shapes to bring out the aristocratic look to your home. These pieces are typically hand-finished and decorated, and are executed in several finishes such as: mahogany walnut, gold, silver, ivory and pearl, just to name a few. A little touch of Italian Renaissance can make any furnishing stand out.

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